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    About our American Eskimo Breeding Program - Our legacy and goals.

The American Eskimo is a truly outstanding breed, and is second to none in intelligence and spirit. We owned our first American Eskimo since 1969 and have been breeding and showing these wonderful dogs since 1980. We take pride in offering puppies and dogs whose backgrounds are known and have been extensively researched through several generations of Champion/Grand Champion pedigrees. Our lines have proven their excellence in the UKC and AKC show rings. 

The ideal dog is created by the relationship formed between the person and and the dog.  It is important to undertand that perfection in conformation, or a pedigree filled with Champions does not guarantee an ideal pet.  The personality required to become a successful conformation Show Dog can be  difficult and challenging for a first time family to adapt to.  In the Conformation Show Ring, the "attitude" of the dog is very significant.  Dogs that perform the best in the Conformation Ring have attitudes that are very curious (always wanting to know what is going on), very energetic (they like to be in perpetual motion,) and constantly demand to be the center of attention (they will create a scene to draw attention to themselves!)  Fortunately, nature provides a variety of attitudes in each litter, and even though puppies have correct conformation, all of them do not need to become conformation show dogs.

We have first hand knowledge and experience dating back 6 to 10 generations of the dogs ancestors in our breeding program.  These bloodlines have well known dogs in the pedigree.  The selective breeding process allows us to combine  proven dispositions and physical characteristics that produce a well rounded, socially adaptable puppy/dog with an intuitively pleasing personality.

The "total dog" concept is the most important aspect in breeding.  Each dog is a unique being.  The traits of the ancestors create a pool of genes from which pairs are drawn in lottery fashion.  The higher the occurrence of common/favorable genes, the more predictable the outcome will be. 

 "The Teddy Bear Type"

We coined the phrase "Teddy Bear Type" in the 1980's.  Our puppies and dogs resemble a cross between polar bears and lovable stuffed Teddy Bears.  We use the principles of selective breeding (stacking the deck with the desired traits) to breed towards heavy coat, a longer than average coat, adequate heavy bone (as in the true ancestral type,) strong black points, a bear-like muzzle shape (wedge shaped) which minimizes tear stains, solid proportion with exceptional balance and movement, (single-tracking, angulation, drive) overall cleanliness, outgoing, loving disposition. keen wit and intelligence. Our foundation dogs were OFA certified clear of hip dysplasia. The OFA stands for the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.

Breed History

The Standard American Eskimo type is known as the Spitz type in Europe, which dates back to at least 5,000 B.C., and has remained relatively unchanged from the ancestral prototype. The Eskie is predominantly healthy, relatively free of inherited disorders and problems. Our breeding program reinforces our dedication to produce excellence in beauty and companionship.

Breeding Principles

Utilizing genetic principles (and a bachelor's degree in Genetics) sound, desirable traits are intensified through selective linebreeding. The achievement of breeding the "Teddy Bear Type" was a difficult undertaking because most of the basic physical characteristics are recessive and are only brought forward consistently by stacking the genetic deck with the desired traits and by using carefully planned linebreeding. Over successive generations, the occurrence of less desirable physical characteristics and behavioral traits can only be reduced to a low percentage. It is almost impossible to completely eliminate undesirable traits because of the complexity of the inheritance process because the underlying genetic composition is masked by the phenotype - which is what is visible and apparent.

Our Breeding Principles:

  • Selective breeding through several generations to produce consistent physical qualities and minimize less desirable traits.  

  • Absolute first hand knowledge of the traits in several generations of the ancestry that can potentially influence or impact future generations.

  • Using high quality premium feeds.

  • Using NuVet supplements to enable the body to use food and nutrients to meet the body's specific nutritional needs, to boost health and immunity so that the individual can naturally ward off health problems.

  • Adapting to a "smart" vaccination and worming program (using homeopathy, herbals, energy principles and the best of science) in order to enable self-health.

Our dogs are happy and have attuned themselves to our breeding goals and breeding program. They spend their days romping and playing in a sound, loving, family environment that occupies several beautiful acres of woods and rolling hills. We have large fenced grassy and wooded areas where the dogs spend most of the day in small groups for play and companionship. We have maternity wards/ nurseries in our home with private fenced areas for mom and pups, and a doggy door to start outdoor to acclimate them to start potty training as early as 5 weeks.

The ancestry of our dogs has been personally and physically researched for 4 to 9 generations to minimize health anomalies. Some of our offspring represents 6 generations of our breeding. We strive for overall quality in type, temperament and balance. We have achieved an extremely high level of consistency in all of our litters.

Our breeding program has finished and produced over 100 conformation and obedience titles in both UKC and AKC! One of our puppies (Angela) was registered with the FCI as a German Spitz and earned almost 10 championship titles in that registry and placed consistently in the FCI Top 10 dogs for many years.

Our puppies have excelled and earned titles and praise in Conformation, Obedience, Agility, and even Flyball!  Many of the puppies we have produced have become registered Therapy Dogs and bring healing to those they come in contact with. 


 "The Dog Beautiful" - Book 1

Posted on 28 sep 2019 by Theresa Wright, Ph.D.

The Northern, Nordic and Spitz breeds are indeed some of the most beautiful dogs in the world. One look into their eyes touches the depths of the soul and energizes the vibrant and spirited life-force that is as enduring as nature itself. The Northern Breeds are the primitive ancestors that adapted their behavior patterns to be able to cohabitate with people. This in turn unlocked the hidden genetics associated with domestication and resulted in the development and expression of new traits and variations such as size, coat, body type, temperament and personality. Primitive dogs that dwelled on the fringes of human society into trusting partners that specialized in helping mankind survive by herding, hunting, pulling sleds, guarding and providing companionship. They followed people as they travelled across Europe, Asia, Siberia and North American to become the foundation stock that evolved into the many treasured breeds of dogs that are loved and cherished today.

The way we relate to our dogs is framed by the dogs we’ve encountered and held close in our past. Just as our character is shaped by many defining moments in our past, we are also shaped by our ancestors and the genetics we inherited from them. Similar principles hold true for dogs in that fully comprehending true nature of the dogs we love is incomplete until we reach further into their past to understand their spirit, their nature and their character.  Today's modern dog breeds are woven from the very same fabric and genetics of the Northern Breeds. We never realized how many varieties were locked away inside of their genome until we brought them into our homes and our hearts. This book is an essential guide that helps us understand the ancestral journey our dogs have made as well as providing the keys to unlock, understand appreciate their true nature.Etiam nper.

Get the Book - "The Dog Beautiful" - Paperback or Kindle

Learn more details about the book


 NuVet Supplements

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NuVet is the only supplement that we heartily use and recommend.  The tablets are cold pressed and minimally processed from vital ingredients found in nature. We are very proud to distribute NuVet Labs Products.  This product has enabled us to help increase our pet's longevity and quality of life. These supplements contain a fabulously comprehensive formulation of herbs, minerals and antioxidants that are not readily available in food sources that are available today.  NuVet is NOT a vitamin - it is formulated to enable the body's vitamins and enzymes to complete the biochemical reactions that enable health and well being.  NuVet also contains  herbs that are synergistically formulated to detoxify the body from pollutants and defend against free radicals that enable disease and aging.

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Major considerations in formulating NuVet Plus™ were the human grade quality of ingredients and their nutritional values, as well as the bio digestibility and utilization into the cellular framework. We also considered the chemicals and toxins that find their way into our animals' food. NuVet Plus™ was formulated to combat these harmful pollutants. NuVet Labs™ has designed a cutting edge formula that we believe will help increase your pets longevity and quality of life. Our scientists performed extensive research and experiments with a variety of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and herbs, until they created NuVet Plus™, which provides a powerful synergistic defense against the harm caused by free radicals.

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  • Alfalfa - aids poor digestion, regulates appetite
  • Alpha Amylase - aids in absorption of nutrients
  • Beta Carotene - skeletal growth, embryonic function, reduces cancerous tumors
  • Blue Green Algae - strengthens immune system, purifies blood, aids brain and nervous system
  • Brewer's Yeast - natural source of B vitamins, reduces fleas on pets
  • Cat's Claw - healing properties for cancer, viral/respiratory infections, allergies, arthritis and rheumatism
  • Desiccated Liver - strengthens nervous system, aids digestion, tissue formation and production of red blood cells
  • Evening Primrose Oil - stimulates digestion, aids arthritis, rheumatism, decreases blood clotting
  • Methionine - improves skin and coat, reduces fatigue, prevents excess fat buildup in the liver (excess fat stores oil soluble toxins)
  • Oyster Shell - calcium, magnesium and trace mineral source for bones, proper heart function, essential for nerves and muscles
  • Papain - aids in protein digestion, cleanses tissues and intestinal walls of waste matter
  • Potassium (Citrate) - required for proper function of muscles, regulates cellular water balance
  • Selenium (Yeast) - protects again cancer of the lungs, colon, rectum and prostate
  • Shark Cartilage - anti-inflammatory healing for hip dysplasia and arthritis, shrinks tumors by inhibiting tumor blood supply
  • Vitamin C - promotes immune system white blood cell and interferon levels.  Promotes growth, cell repair and damage from free radicals
  • Vitamin E - protects cell structure against free radicals.  Improves the immune system, reduces heart disease, anemia, nutritional muscular dystrophy and neurological abnormalities
  • Whey Protein - builds and maintains muscle mass.  Boosts immune system against viruses and bacterial infection
  • Zinc, Dipeptide Chelate - a necessary component required by over 100 enzymes that work with red blood cells for oxygen/CO2 exchange.  Aids in healing wounds, cell division and maintains normal levels of Vitamin A.

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 Publications, Calendars and Books

Read more about the Author, Theresa Wright, Ph.D.

Wright's American Eskimo dogs and puppies have appeared in books and publications such as Dog World, Dog Fancy, Dogs USA as well as on several Annual Eskie Calendars. Faith Uridell, a professional dog photographer, loved working with Thunder, Obe, Dutch and our puppies because she felt our lines had a special character that she captured on film.  She submitted her photos to Dog Fancy and the Calendar makers.

We are very proud that our "Thunder" graced the cover of Dog Fancy, and our "Dutch" was on the cover of the 2004 Pet Prints to be used for the Evaluation of the Dog and the Handler at the dog show. 


2004 Petprints Calendar - Cover-Dutch, Inside-Puppy, Jan-Kobe, Mar-5 wk puppy, May-Talia, Jun-Puppy, Nov-Talia, Dec-Dutch

*Quantum's photo appears in "The American Eskimo" by Monica Sellers.

*Photos and kennel story in "The Complete American Eskimo" by Barbara Beynon.  Theresa contributed to Chapter 3/History.

*Wright's puppies and dogs are featured in the Barron's Education series book of the Eskie.

*Marushka's drawing appears as part of the cover of the AKC Gazette August 1995 issue.


2005 Petprints Calendar - Kobe- Centerfold, Puppy- Dec

*Quantum's photo appears in "The American Eskimo" by Monica Sellers.

*Photos and kennel story in "The Complete American Eskimo" by Barbara Beynon.  Theresa contributed to Chapter 3/History.

*Wright's puppies and dogs are featured in the Barron's Education series book of the Eskie.

*Marushka's drawing appears as part of the cover of the AKC Gazette August 1995 issue.


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